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Dropship clothes turnkey websites for sales

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 General Information

An optimum Turnkey Dropship Clothes Website solution for your online business!

Why wait when you can start your online business right now and take your first orders?

Perhaps you have wondered at times how much getting your own business going would set you back? Surely this is a venture that involves a lot of planning and initial investments, not taking into account the time for everything to get on the right track.

Falter no longer, as you have now chanced upon a unique opportunity. This turnkey clothes dropship website for sale can now be yours at a bargain price! That's right, a fully-stocked dropship website business is looking for an owner. A reliable dropship supplier for the products on the website is given and you do not need to seek one out yourself. No experience in coding or design required – this is a complete website solution ready to go, built from the ground up to meet the needs of an e-commerce business. It is optimized and in line with the latest technologies in web-development and it allows you to boost sales by leveraging the power of unique keywords not only for individual pages, but products as well. All management handled through a user-friendly web-based graphical interface that gives you control over products, orders, customers, payment and much more!


  • Administrative dashboard for quick overview of the most relevant store information
  • Easy catalog management
  • Downloadable products
  • E-mail notification for orders received
  • Order confirmation e-mail to customers
  • Convenient and flexible information page creator and editor
  • Built-in back functionality through our hosting control panel
  • Functionality for Featured and Specials products
  • Product and order discount coupons
  • Limitless number of products and categories possible
  • At a glance management of payment and shipping methods
  • Order and customer management
  • Multiple currency configuration possible
  • Product review and rating system
  • Sales reports
  • Guest checkout

Revenue Details

 The main source of revenue with this turnkey dropship website for sale are the products dropshipped. When an order is placed through your website, you simply collect your customer's money. You can accept PayPal, credit cards or any payment method of your choice, by enabling the corresponding payment modules in your website. After you have taken the order, (and your customer's payment), you place an exact copy of the order at the dropshipper's website and let them deliver it to your customer directly. When placing the order use your information for the billing address and your customer's information for the delivery address. The customer will assume the order came from you.

The profit margin is flexible and up to, initially at about 50% above wholesale. Of course you can adjust that further to meet your specific needs. Bear in mind that you are by no means obligated to only sell products that come from the original supplier. You can also list your own merchandise and use the website business as an online outlet for your products.

Apart from the main source of revenue available with this turnkey clothes dropship website for sale, you are also free to implement any sort of advertising banners to further your profits. This is not a requirement and an option, in case you would want to keep the website clean.

Website Package Includes

  • FREE domain name
  • FREE hosting for the first month
  • Complete turnkey operation - no previous training needed
  • Full Priority e-mail support as long as you host with us.


Please note: The above demos are for our lingerie dropship stores. Your website will have a proper clothing website design and contain actual clothing product items.

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