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Turnkey and Established websites for sale

turnkey websites for sale
websites for sale

Buy dropship, affiliate and dating web sites

online business for sale
website businesses for sale
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Established Websites for sale
Amazon affiliate web sites
Dropship websites for sale
Ebook websites for sale
Dating web sites for sale
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turnkey online business for sale

main online business for sale
Q: Does the price of the website include all?
A: Yes, there are no additional fees. You pay the website’s price and that is all.
Q: One month free hosting, and then what is your hosting fee?
A: All our clients receive 1 month free hosting. After that you have to pay $10 hosting fee.
Q: Can I connect my own domain to this website?
A: Yes, our programmers will do it free of charge for you.
Q: Can the site be moved to my own hosting?
A: For $20 our programmers will move it for you within 24 hours.
Q: How much will it cost me to be an owner of a website monthly?
A: You are supposed to pay nothing but your monthly hosting.
Q: Do you offer a support to your websites?
A: Our clients receive full 24-hour e-mail support as long as they host with us.
Q: What profit I am supposed to have?
A: It depends, there is no rule. We provide you with the best marketing tools but the money you make depends on your efforts. The harder you work, the greater your income will be.
Q: Are your drop ship websites offered together with a drop shipper company recommended by you?
A: Yes, of course. Our drop ship websites are offered together with a drop ship companies. Being our client enables you not to pay registration fee.
Q: Does the drop shipper charge me any monthly fee?
A: No, if you prefer to work with the drop shippers we recommend you.
Q: How much will advertising of the website cost me?
A: People often underestimate the role of advertising, but the truth is that if your website is not being properly advertised, there is a slim chance to be successful. We’ve made the process of advertising easier for you through our 3 advertising plans. You may choose one of them, and leave experts make their work. For further information view the Information> Profit Guaranteed.
Q: How is your Advertising plan going to help my sales?
A: Our SEO experts will take care and submit your website to more directories. As a result your website will be easy to find by search engines. Just wait, and after a few moths your website will be found by Google.
Q: Are your drop ship websites with established products?
A: Yes, they are but these products can be changed manually from the Admin menu. If you want to use more than one drop shipper our experts will assist you in doing so at a reasonable price.
Q: When a client decides to buy a website, does he receive the same picture graphics as shown in the demo or not?
A: The main idea of the demo versions is to present the website exactly and avoid misunderstanding. Our clients receive exactly the same website as viewed in the demo. If a client has a specific request, our programmers will change it for free if concerning images, type, or logo.
Q: Is there blogging space with your (adult) dating websites?
A: Yes, there is. It is adjustable from the Admin menu. That way the owner of the website provides different users with different options. The division is made on status. For example there might be certain limitations stipulated by the owner for newcomers.
Q: I have wholesale products and I want to sell them on my drop ship website. Is it possible?
A: As an owner, you are free to offer whatever products you wish. You decide whether to use one drop shipper, more than one, or a drop shipper with your own wholesale products.
Q: As a website owner do I have the ownership of copywriting, images and content?
A: Being an owner enables you to change your website’s images and content whenever you want.
Q: How much will I receive from the drop shipper on product sold?
A: There is no exact answer. You may receive from 30 to 300%. It varies due to the fact that you can change the prices of the items sold.

If you couldn’t find the answer of your question here, please contact us here.
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