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Websites for sale | Buy turnkey websites | Established online business, Amazon Tips

Turnkey and Established websites for sale

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Amazon Performance Tips

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Your success in the Amazon Associates program depends on your ability to promote products. So you have to select carefully the products and link types that best match the content of your web site. Remember that what works on one site is not necessary to work on another.

How to Select the Best Products to Feature on Your Web Site

In our opinion the most successful approach is for you to feature products that best match your site's content and your visitors` interests. When selecting products keep in mind the following:

  • Identify products that match your site content and they narrow your picks by searching on Amazon.com for specific products, keywords, and categories.
  • Consider cross-merchandising. To be competitive in this section, you have to promote items from across the broad Amazon catalog, trying to capture more sales. In other words if you are already featuring a top-selling baby toys on your site, you should think about featuring other relevant products.
  • Discover additional products to feature (Use Amazon's similarities service). On the detail page of a product you've already identified as appropriate for your site, click the "Explore Similar Items" link and you will find more.
  • Review your orders reports to trace the products the customers purchase after visiting your site.
  • Try to promote higher-priced products. It gives you the chance to make higher commissions.

Learn more how to promote HERE

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