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Amazon Omakase Links

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What are Omakase Links indeed?

Omakase Links are the Associate's way to display automatically the products and content that the visitors are likely to be interested in and buy. You can add Omakase Links to your pages easily - just use the Build Links Tool to select the ad's appearance and then cut-and-paste the code into your web page. Now your page is ready to display Omakase Links. After a short period of learning, the ads will be optimized based on what the Associate has been successful with in the past; what that user has been interested in; and what the site is about. Omakase Links optimizes not only on the page itself that's why Associates may see different products in their links but they will also see that the links learn what their visitors want. Each person visiting Omakase Links may see different products due to the fact that they are trying to show the right product to the right person.

Your options to modify the layout

Associates have created new options to modify your layout and adopting the ads to the overall appearance of your web site. Associates can make the placement fit the site and support it by selecting the background colors, link and border colors, as well as the use of text or images.

What does the word "Omakase" mean?

It is a Japanese word meaning "leave it up to us".

How do Omakase Links work?

Omakase Links use a number of techniques to choose what products to how on your page. One of these techniques processes the text content on your page and finds products from Amazon.com related to what your page is about. The unique Amazon`s information is used. Such as what products the Associate has been successful with in the past; and, if the person viewing the site is an Amazon.com customer, what that user has previously expressed an interest in, etc.
Omakase Links will work properly if your site allows to be crawled by the spider (Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; >> AMZNKAssocBot/4.0)). It is to identify the content of your web site and provide it with matching products. Otherwise Omakase Links can not be able to choose contextually relevant products, but will still display selected products chosen by Omakase Links` other techniques.

Why do the products in the preview not mach the content of the site?

That is because in the preview are displayed only sample products from selected product lines. The optimization will take place when you include the code into your web site and the site has been viewed for 2-3 times.

What does the compensation plan for Omakase Links look like?

It is the same as the existing compensation plan for Associates.

What to do to help Omakase Links optimize ads for your page?

There are a few simple tips to assist Omakase Links:

  • Make sure your page has some clear descriptive text that will help Omakase Links determine what your page is about;
  • Omakase Links is currently effective only with English language text. If your page is not in English, Omakase Links will include some English text;
  • Lots of images and little text may be an obstacle for Omakase Links to process, so make sure you've included at least some descriptive text.

If you manage a web sites about different topics or you have sections in your site that appear to different type of visitors, you may use different tracking IDs. By using a unique tracking ID in these areas, the referral history only of those sections to inform our product selections will be used.
Can you use Omakase Links with other ads on your site? Amazon.com does not prevent associates from using other companies advertising ways (such as Google AdSense) together with Omakase Links. As well as it does not require of its associates to use the Amazon.com advertising exclusively.

Read more about HOW TO PROMOTE your website.

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