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Consult Soft Services - Affiliate Program

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Here is our Affiliate Program, which comes to provide you with the easiest and the most lucrative way for making some additional profit with no additional effort. Through the program, users are allowed to earn money from simply referring visitors through an affiliate link. The program we offer you is flexible and can be added to any website. The program allows all Affiliates to earn money for all purchases whether unique or not.

What is it in fact?
- In short, first you have only to place our banner on your website, and from that moment on everybody who comes from your website and makes a purchase will bring you a commission.
Becoming an Affiliate is not difficult - you just have to fill out our Affiliate Program Application. The registration process is simple, and we will lead you step by step through it. When the registration process is over we will send you all the information you need to get started. Within the structure of the Affiliate Program, Affiliates earn between 5% -20% commissions, as follows:

Price Range Commission Worth
$1.00 - $50.00 USD 5%
$50.01 - $100.00 USD 10%
$100.01 - more USD 20%

In other words, the more people you refer to our website, the more money you earn.
Affiliates earn commissions of all purchases made through their affiliate link. Often people ask how are sales tracked- itís easy- all Affiliate links contain unique codes that allows us to "cookie" and identify anyone coming from your website. This also means that if someone came from your website having purchased nothing but came back a few months later to make a purchase, you would still get your commission. Tracking needs to be set up to ensure you are paid and to make the process as easy as possible for you, the tracking is automatically integrated. You shouldn't worry about that, all purchases are tracked so as you will be paid, after the amount in your account reaches the required minimum.

Join Our Affiliate Program and Start Earning Money NOW!
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